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    sugar bearDETROIT, MI- Tune into 97.8 WBAR weekday evenings and you’re sure to hear an old familiar voice; Sugar Bear, the face behind Post Super Sugar Crisp (later Super Golden Crisp) Cereal is now the voice of WBAR’s The Quiet Storm.

    Sugar Bear, whose image still graces the boxes of the popular Post cereal started moonlighting as the smooth talking jock after his television commercial appearances started to dry up in the late 80s. When asked if he had any hard feelings about Post’s decision to stop marketing the brand on television, Sugar Bear had this to say: “ Hey man, it’s cool, ya know, I still see some of those cats on TV, Lucky (the Leprechaun), Tony (the Tiger). (Toucan) Sam, they’re still doin’ their thing. I ain’t mad at them, but I really dig this gig here. Talkin’ up records just seems like a natural fit for me, ya know.”

    Currently Post has no plans to bring back the once popular commercials. “ You see man, the company got a little freaked out when the public started to become aware of just how much sugar was in the stuff. They tried to change the name from ‘Sugar’ to ‘Golden’ but come on, you change the name on the bucket to KFC, don’t mean it ain’t Kentucky fried.” Sugar Bear said. “ But, what are they gonna do? Kids love this stuff. Their gonna buy it even if it ain’t advertised on TV. I guess it was a no brainier for Post. Kellogg’s did the same thing. They changed Sugar Smacks to Honey Smacks and that poor frog ain’t doin’ jack now. So I feel pretty fortunate, really” said Sugar Bear.

    Even though his mellow voice is no longer heard pitching Super Golden Crisps, Sugar bear’s famous catch phrases have found a new audience “Can’t get enough of that Sugar Crisp, it’s got the crunch with the punch. Speaking of punch next up on The Quiet Storm: Teddy Pendergrass with Love TKO “